UniFi VoIP phone

  • The UniFi® VoIP Phone is part of the UniFi Enterprise System. The (UVP-PRO) model includes a 5″ high-definition, multi-touch color touchscreen, built-in 1 Mpx camera, Wi-Fi and bluetooth.5-inch touchscreen is designed for ease of use and quick navigation. With its full range of Android apps, the UniFi® VoIP Phone provides a seamless user experience to enhance work productivity. Version of OS Android is KitKat 4.4.2.
    The VoIP phone features bluetooth support for hands-free use with wireless headsets.


    The UniFi® VoIP Phone provides excellent sound quality for an exceptional audio calling experience.


    The handset design features a comfortable, soft-touch grip and a conveniently locatedMute button.

    Ubiquiti’s proprietary SDN software, the UniFi® Controller, readily integrates with a scalable PBX system for management of features such as call logging, auto-attendant, voicemail, and mass configuration.


    The UniFi® VoIP Phone includes SIP support and automatic provisioning to create an enterprise-class telephony infrastructure.

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