Ubiquiti mPower mFi 3-port Power

Control & Automation
  • Plug and Play Installation Use standard Ethernet cable to connect machines and sensors. Use WiFi to seamlessly connect mFi nodes to your IP network. Unlimited device scalability.
  • Powerful Functionality Create powerful relationships between sensors, machines, and powered devices.
  • Cloud and Mobile Support Access multiple mFi networks from any remote location through a web browser. New devices can instantly be discovered and provisioned through the cloud.
  • 3 independent switchable AC ports.
  • 802.11b/g/n. Wall-Mounting Bracket (Kit Included)

    Convenient Remote Powering

    The built-in mechanical relays provide remote powering capability to control energy consumption.

    Efficient Energy Monitoring

    Use the power metering capability to easily monitor the energy consumption of connected devices and significantly reduce energy costs.

    Easy Wi-Fi Access

    The mFi® mPower readily connects to any Wi-Fi network. The mFi mPower™ PRO model also includes Ethernet capability.

    Advanced Management Software

    Make buildings smarter and more efficient using the intuitive UI and powerful features of the mFi® Controller software.

Are You ready to change the network?