• The AirFiber (AF-5X) is designed for long-range, Point-to-Point (PtP) backhaul links. It features the highest TDD throughput available and proprietary HDD for ultra-low latency.The AF-5X features industry-leading 10.6 bps/Hz spectral efficiency, line-rate data packet processing for up to 500+ Mbps of real data throughput, and innovative xtreme Range Technology (xRT) for up to 200+ km in range.

    Ubiquiti’s INVICTUS custom silicon and proprietary radio architecture are designed specifically for long-distance, outdoor wireless applications.
    Using digital pre-distortion compensation and multi-IFFT processing, the innovative RF design delivers ultra-clean power output that improves noise immunity and co-location performance. This reduces the potential impact on the RF noise environment and allows for the use of higher-order modulation, such as 256QAM.The compact form factor allows the AF-5X to be used with airFiber Slant 45 antennas (23 dBi parabola30 dBi parabola and 34 dBi parabola).
    Or instantly upgrade a Rocket link that uses a RocketDish 30 dBi antenna. For upgrading is necessary Conversion Kit for AirFiber AF-5X.

    The main advantages of connections are:

    – High reliability connection
    – Throughput up to 500 Mbps*
    – Possibility of creating up to 200 km* link
    – Intelligent QoS
    – Easy installation

    * Throughput and range values may vary depending on the environmental conditions.

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