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    I live in a rural area that doesn’t offer broadband service, but luckily I am on top of a mountain overlooking a small town about 10km (6 miles) LOS from my 85ft tower at my existing house.  After 8 years of trying, I finally found a generous individual in the small town who has property at the city limits where Charter Communications broadband service ends, and who allowed me (at no cost) to install a wood post in order to build an AP.


    Charter AP Pole.JPG

    I am going to purchase a weather proof enclosure to mount on the post which will house my modem, router and power switch, but I am not sure what antennas I should purchase given that within the next couple of years I will build a new house on my property about 1 mile down the mountain (closer to the AP) from the current one.  Thus, I will eventually need to send two broadband signals to two separate wireless bridges about 1 mile apart on the mountain, with both being LOS.   The maximum speed I can currently get from Charter at this location is 60 Mbps (down) x 4 Mbps (up), but I am guessing I will be able to get more in the future, thus I would want to future-proof my antennas.   In addition, I am looking at possibly using solar power at my AP, thus I would need to factor power consumption into my antenna choice.




    Once the new house is built, I will leave the first wireless bridge in place with a wired network connection to my driveway entrance for cameras (plural) and remote gate control.

    New House Site

    In addition to antennas recommendation, I am also trying to determine whether I would need to put a router in my enclosure at the AP or should I put the router at my house as I have many devices (including cameras) behind my firewall that I need to access remotely and control remotely.

    Any help that anyone could provide is much appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to the forums. Thanks for providing all of the important details. The first thing that you need to make sure is that you not only have a LOS but also a clean obstruction free LOS. As long as the AP radio has clear LOS with your station radios you should not have any issues. I would suggest using the NanoBeam AC line (NBE-5AC-19) or the PowerBeam AC line (PBE-5AC-400, PBE-5AC-500). You will need to have two seperate PTP links. You may depending on clean LOS be able to have one PTP from the internet location to the existing house and then add another PTP from the existing house to the new house. If you can do the short link in the future the NanoBeam AC will be fine at that distance. The router will need to be at the cable modem location. When the links are set you will be able to manage the router just like you would if it was in your house. All devices at all locations will be one large network.

    If you go to the Flytec website you can look through the outdoor enclosures. LCOM has a great line of products.

    Where are you located? Weather will determine what router and switches you will need to put into the enclosure. I would suggest an EdgeRouter Lite and Toughswitch.

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