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    I’ve recently got a big assignment and need your technical help.

    Here’s what I need to do.


    1. We have3kmwide, 2km length (vice versa) almost rectangle farm.
    2. There’s fence all around.
    3. Need to install TwoCCTVs every 400m~500m apart, around the farm. (Total 22 Stations with 2 CCTVs each)
    4. About 500m away from the farm corner, a base station for monitoring all CCTVs.
    5. Other than base station, everything will be connected wireless.

    It’s a big assignment and I must plan and install myself!

    So, I need your expert help!

    1. For each station, there will be two CCTV with Ethernet connection. What equipment should I use for wireless transmission?  Such as NanoStation?
    2. Each CCTV needs each NanoStation connected? Meaning 44 CCTV requires 44 NanoStations?  Or any other great ideas?
    3. For the base station, do I need 44 receivers for each CCTV transmitter? Or any one big receiver that can handle all 44 at once?  Any other great suggestions?
    4. At the base station, we’ll connect 11 4-channel NVR to handle all 44 video feeds. If I have 44 receivers, then I suppose I can directly connect each.  If there’s a way to have smaller number of receivers to handle all 44 transmitters, should I use switch to separate each channels?  Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    A system of this size needs a good design due to scale and expense of overall project. It is no quick nor cheap undertaking. A design like this is actually pushing the bounds of an internet forum. I will be helpful and answer your queries regarding kit and practical support but I am not going to spend the time designing it for you. And I am not being rude, I have other projects on and a living to make.

    I suggest that you should engage a local consultant who can carry out a proper site survey.

    Heres a base for starters
    22 PtP’s (Point to Points) is not practical here, frequency allocation and physical accomodation at base preclude them for a start
    I would do it by using a number of PtMP’s (Point to Multipoints) and dividing the site up
    As AP’s I would use 5GHz Rockets with sector antennas
    Choice of Stations would vary according to distance with nearer Stations as Nanobeam M5-16/19’s going on up to the Nano/Powerbeam M5-300’s for the more distant Stations.

    Power warning – The Airmax range uses 24 passive PoE which is different to the 48 volt 802.3af option on your cameras. The camera also offers 12 volt DC input and you should consider this important factor when designing and speccing your solar sources.

    Data – If running 2 cameras at one each pole you will need a small switch of at least 3 ports. 2 x camera, 1 x AP
    A NEMA type box with network control gear in and power.

    Have a look at the AirMax range of products and feel free to ask questions. Our friends and contributors from over the pond will be waking up soon and sure to add their 2 cents worth and their thoughts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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